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Garlic-crusted Nile Tilapia with Lemon

We believe in offering fresh tasty food options for our communities


Happy Fish and Veggies is a state-of-the-art aquaponics facility located in Racine, Wisconsin. Aquaponics is just a fancy way of saying we raise our fish without any antibiotics and growth hormones, and grow our vegetables using minimal pest control without synthetic fertilizer.

Nile Tilapia now available for sale

We raise Nile Tilapia in our controlled indoor environment without antibiotics or growth hormones.

Nile tilapia raised by Happy Fish and Veggies

Live at $3/pound

Whole, live tilapia are available for sale at $3 per pound. The average sale weight ranges from 1.5 to 2 pounds.

No minimum order.


Fillets at $11/pound

These are the same fish as our Nile Tilapia, just cleaned and filleted!

Minimum order is 5 pounds.

How to order


Call, text, or email

Give us a call or text your order to

Or email it to us at


Specify live or fillets

Whole, live tilapia are $3 per pound. No minimum order.

Cleaned fillets are $5.50 per pound. Minimum order of 5 pounds.


Pick up the next day

Come by the Happy Fish and Veggies Farm at 6555 1st Street in Racine. We’ll have your order ready to pick up the next day.

We take cash, debit, and credit.

Delivery to Racine/Kenosha also available Wednesdays and Fridays.


Fresh produce is now available

We’ve been hard at work on growing lettuce, greens, and other produce for our community’s needs. Like our Nile Tilapia, our produce is grown in a controlled indoor environment using an aquaponics system.

Produce is grown using water from our fish tanks. Cycling water from fish tanks to veggie growing beds means we minimize water waste and remove the need for synthetic fertilizer.

Order today!

Kale at $2.50/bunch
Rainbow Chard at $2.50/bunch
Lettuce at $2.50/head
Mini lettuce 2 heads/$1.50

Lettuce from Happy Fish and Veggies

Come meet us

Jeff Raddatz profile picture

Jeff Raddatz

Jeff is a seasoned entreprenuer and loves the daily challenges Happy Fish and Veggies brings. He was a dairy farmer for 25 years, after which he owned a successful refrigeration business and a water filtration business for residential and commercial applications. His expertise in all these areas are on full display as he engineered our aquaponics facility to clean and filter water, raise fish, and grow produce.

He loves nature, animals, and working at Happy Fish and Veggies with a great co-owner and teammates.

Emma Jung profile picture

Emma Jung

Emma is a longtime Kenosha resident. She was lucky enough to spend time in Tucson, Arizona, where she earned a B.A. in 2005. Otherwise, she has lived in Southeastern Wisconsin. After earning a degree in English Literature and Classics, she pursued other interests in organic vegetable production, permaculture, and prairie restoration.

Aquaponics is a leap from those areas of expertise, however, she has always been passionate about local and regional agriculture and is enjoying the challenges of Controlled Environment Agriculture.